In the immediate postpartum women that have had fluids during labour often find themselves swollen and retaining that fluid.  Their breasts can become extra, extra-large and all their tissues seem congested and full.  Our bodies will resolve this eventually but the remedy – Apis 200C will push that process along, asking the body to sweat and pee out all the excess fluid.  This may help some little babes latch with less effort and allow mammas access to their regular shoes!

Newborn baby breastfeeding.

Newborn baby breastfeeding.

Once that hurdle is jumped hydration is a very important aspect of postpartum care.  This is one place that partners can definitely help.  Offering water, keeping supplies of good quality drinks on hand, serving foods with high water components are all helpful ways of keeping the fluid balanced in a nursing mother.

Dehydration in a nursing mother can look like:

  • low energy
  • flat emotions
  • headaches
  • mastitis
  • weepy
  • small amount of urine for the amount of fluid going in – possibility of urinary tract infections
  • desire for carbonated drinks – especially carbonated water
  • milk supply can ultimately be affected

Considering that every system in our bodies work on or with water – it is a vital piece to pay attention to.

If you do feel dehydrated – take Phosphoric Acid 200C – once a day for three days.

Make up some natural labourade or drink Gatorade cut with water.

Make sure every time you sit down to nurse you have an extra-large glass of water by your side.

Minimize the amount of coffee, tea and pop that you consume as these drinks will further dehydration.

If you have more specific questions or require homeopathic guidance please contact via email – I do offer on-line support.