Consultations are available to anyone that would like homeopathic guidance with regard to their mental, emotional and physical well being.  I have a general family practice which means everyone is welcome to consult with me.

Email Consult
An email consult may be simple or complex, consisting of a few or many emails back and forth between us until I feel I have the information I need to land on the correct remedy.

There are two different types of email consults:

Acute consultations – for colds, flus, injuries or questions.

Constitutional consultations – for all other aspects of care – both new patients and follow up visits.  Generally constitutional care is to consider all the elements of your health, your physical and emotional well being.  The questions will be the full spectrum from the time of your birth until the present day.  After you are given your constitutional remedy then follow up visits will range from 4-6 weeks and will monitor how the remedy is working for you.  I will mail you your remedy if you are unable to access it yourself.

Acute Consult – $20.00 per person
Constitutional Consult – $150.00 / new patient ~ $100.00 / follow up visit





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In Person Consultations
If you are in the villages of Pemberton or Whistler,  then you have the option to see me in person.  I offer home visits to take your case and do your follow up care.  I do not currently have a clinic space and I do feel there is great benefit in minimizing the amount of time babies have to spend in public spaces.  I carry a remedy kit with me and you can pay either cash, cheque, PayPal or e-transfer.

All in person consults are based on a fee of $100.00/hour.  Generally a new patient appointment is two hours for an adult and one hour for a child.  Follow up visits are usually one hour.
Remedies are included in the fee.

New Adult Patient – 2 hours

New Child Patient – 1.5 hours

Follow up care – 1 hour

Fees are $100.00/hour.
Remedies are included in the fee.

To book an appointment please go to my online booking system.

IF you are a new patient – book TWO HOURS
IF you are booking for a child or a follow up book ONE HOUR.
* If you have troubles – just email me and I will sort you out.

Book An Appointment

Click the icon to visit our online booking system. You will need to create a login and then choose the date you would like to book. Any questions contact: