How To Take A Homeopathic Remedy


  • Read the prescription form carefully to find out how many doses of your remedy you are to take.


    • A single dose is usually two pellets.


    • When you are to take the remedy – from a vial – shake it into the lid of the container and than place it directly into your mouth. From an envelope – use a spoon to remove the remedy. Avoid touching the remedy.


    • Wait 15 minutes before you eat or drink after taking the remedy.


    • Please do not take any other Homeopathic remedies while you are being treated. This includes acute remedies. If you feel the need to self prescribe please call me first to make sure it will not interfere with your treatment.


  • One substance that antidotes Homeopathic remedies is Camphor. Please avoid lip balm or any other substances, which contain camphor because it will interfere with your prescription.