Piper is truly an amazing homeopath. She helps people transform their lives into the most conscious living they can be in. She helps you become who you are really meant to be.

Piper helps people in all aspects and on all levels of their lives. She can help you with something as small as the common cold, or a feverish child or she can help you with life decisions such as career or relationship difficulties, or guiding you in deciding whether or not to vaccinate your child, or how to welcome your baby into this world. She even motivates and supports you in setting and achieving (huge) goals in your life.

She dedicates so much of her time to helping others and gives herself so freely to the community with the many seminars and workshops she facilitates.
Piper brings like-minded people of the community together and because of her many great friendships are formed!

Thank you Piper!
– Aimee

“Like so many parents, the maintenance of my family’s good health is always in the forefront of my mind. I have two young children, one who began part-time daycare a year ago, and one who is of school age. When we entered into the “Cold and Flu Season” last year, I was expecting that we would all experience the occasional cold/cough, and maybe even the flu. What I was not prepared for was a vicious cycle of on-going ear infections, sleepless nights, antibiotics, chest infections, sleepless nights,
antibiotics, pneumonia, sleepless nights, antibiotics, strep. throat, sleepless nights, antibiotics. Trips to the Doctor’s office became part of our regular routine, and a couple of stints in the Emerg. seemed “normal”. Quite evidently, antibiotics
were not working. This cycle really did not end until late into the following Spring. It was very clear, by the end of the school year, that a different approach to our family’s health maintenance was necessary. In the summer we made the decision to
work with Piper Martin, and use homeopathy as an approach to address the chronic health issues we had been experiencing as a family. I was determined not to have a repeat of the last school year. We are now well into the so-called “Cold and Flu Season”, and I can
proudly say that our family is moving through it with ease. The care Piper Martin has provided our family members has enabled us to work with our acute illnesses, like colds and strep. throat, in a proactive manner. No one has required the use of
antibiotics, and there have been no frantic trips to the Doctor’s office or Hospital Emergency Room. We are rested and well! As a parent, it is so gratifying to see my children in a vital, strong, healthy state on an ongoing basis.”
– Suzanne

“Homeopathy has been a true blessing for out family. Piper has taught us the basic principles of homeopathy which we have used time and again in our home. She has supported us through our learning process, and has brought safe and immediate healing to our children in emergency situations. We are grateful to have found such a holistic healing modality, and a phenomenal health care practitioner.”
– Sheryl

“In a word, Piper Martin is superb. When you have your first consultation, you will feel safe, understood and certain that there is an answer to your concerns. Then, Piper brings her diagnostic expertise forth and a remedy is prescribed. This may sound simple, however the results are long lasting and life altering.

Her manner is straight forward, gentle and powerful. Piper’s abilities as a practitioner are profound, understated and deep. I would not be experiencing my current level of well being without her superb skills, input and infallible belief in who she knew I am. This winning formula has given me more than words can describe. I am so very grateful for the profound difference she has made in my life.

In closing; if you are considering becoming a patient of Piper Martin’s, do so as soon as possible. Know that your best health and well being are available by doing so.”
– Elizabeth R. 2009

“Piper had been recommended to me as a pediatric homeopath. I had been told how amazing she was with children.

When I first brought my son to see her just over 1 yr ago, I was so affected by her personal attentiveness and caring disposition that I felt compelled to begin to see her for myself as well.

Piper is a very connected and insightful practitioner. She is a great listener and is always fully present in the moment. She brings light to what may be going on for me or my son on both a physical and emotional level.

I would recommend Piper’s services for any child or adult. I know my family and I are stronger for having her in our lives.”
– Ora G. 2009


“This course has changed the way I will practice. I felt surrounded by love, support and inspiration. I found a place inside myself I was unaware of before. I let my body move through the whole experience without concern. I feel I am on my way to becoming a better homeopath from the lessons I have learnt and from the honesty and compassion I now give and was given during the course. Thank you Piper and to everyone involved.”


“Expecting to boost my material medica, in the realm of Pregnancy & Childbirth, Pipers course was much more… A creative and reflective way to encourage the understanding of others, prior to ‘the moment of conception’! It was also an insightful adventure in recognizing me. The course provides challenging, yet essential work (of exploring yourself at another standpoint) necessary to provide sound homeopath care. Piper’s course makes it deeply enchanting, incredibly playful and self expressive; Essential for everyone.”
Sylvia Pantic


“I took Piper’s pregnancy/chilbirth homeopathy course shortly after the birth of my third child. I loved this course. It was fascinating, insightful, and fun. I learnt how homeopathy can beautifully aid a pregnant, laboring, and post-partum woman, as well as the baby; in utero, and after birth. I gained a lot of knowledge to help me as a homeopathic student, but also explored these experiences as a woman and mother. The art component of this course intensified and deepened this experience; and, made this course that much more, tangible, enjoyable, and personal. It was amazing!”


“This class, taught in such a fantastic and loving way by Piper, not only gave me a solid foundation in using homeopathy in pregnancy and birth, but allowed me to explore my own entrance into the world. I grew not only as a homeopath, but as we worked through the stages of birth -there was space to contemplate myself as both woman and mother. This course is an invaluable tool to understanding the role of remedies in clearing the way for a meaningful and natural pregnancy and childbirth.”
Lizzie Ball


“Going into this course I knew it was going to be a learning experience about women, birth and homeopathy. However I did not realize how much I learned about myself. I quickly became aware of my own history within my life and it’s role it still plays today. I was able to learn homeopathic remedies that are not presently taught in the conventional schools. I learned how those remedies applied to my own birth, childhood, relationships and my own child’s birth! This course ended in the summer of 2009, but I am still using the art component almost daily, and now when I read about a remedy I see it through a different light. This course taught me to open wide to the range of homeopathy and myself. “
Peace and Love, Carla Cavallo


I’ve been thinking about what I would say with regard to my experience with YOU and Cosmic Keys. I know that I am now a much better, more enlightened and definitely more relaxed person due to my sessions with you and my new friends. At first I was also concerned about expressing my thoughts, feelings and most especially emotions in front of strangers. But it has been a wonderful experience, one that I am so very thankful to have been involved in. To be able to express yourself without criticism and judgement is so exhilarating and free. So I guess my favorite words to describe our group and my experience would be Exhilarating and Free with a sens of calmness!
Much love and respect.



Again, I thank you on behalf of my family for what you have introduced into my life…it is as if you handed me a book of familiar childhood rhymes and I know exactly all of the words and actions…I had just forgotten. I just love that I have been given permission to search for joy and happiness and fear and anger are not who I want to be anymore…
My love to you! Denise


I was a part of the Creation Project Group for over 6 months and there was nothing more incredible than being surrounded by like minded beings who supported and shared in my journey from darkness to light. Piper makes you feel safe, loved and empowered to do anything you put forth into the universe. It’s as magical and mind blowing as it sounds. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience such bliss… I am eternally grateful.
LOVE YOU ALWAYS!. Writing this made my day.



At first I imagined that the group sessions would be awkward and uncomfortable. I worried that my desire to dig deeper and explore the meaning of my life would stagnate because I would feel compelled to agree with others in the group or, that I would get side-tracked into delving into their questions more than my own. Instead, our weekly get-together have been inspirational and I feel as though I am growing emotionally and spiritually at a faster rate than ever before. The knowledge gained is so empowering and joyful! The relaxed, all-accepting atmosphere is so conducive to soul-searching and it is a refreshing change to the usual environments we find ourselves in. I would highly recommend Cosmic Keys to anyone wondering about the bigger picture and eager to piece together the amazing puzzle of who they really are and why they are here.


For me the results of my involvement in The Creation Project are incredibly tangible. It was a year ago that I began the journey, by throwing my hat into the ring and having no idea what was to come. I just knew I wanted in. A year later I have a baby (my fourth) and have moved across the country and have never ever felt happier. Something just clicked for me. While the results are tangible, the journey felt so subtle that I can’t even recall how I got to this point in my life. I just know that I feel an incredible gratitude for all those who sat beside me in that circle and held space and most of all held the possibility for this level of happiness for me. I certainly hope I was able to give a fraction of what was given to me. Thank you Piper, and all the other Creation Project Friends!


I find the comfort and broader scope of the group expands the possibilities. We each feel our position differently, being able to share our perpectives gives each of us more to feel and see.
I see myself more clearly as reflected off of other friends in the group. Perhaps they may take advantage of my view to see and feel theirs.
It is an opportunity for me to exist in my surroundings with a different sense of myself.
Once I am more comfortable with my authentic self then I may develop a better grasp of what I want to aspire to grow.


Sometimes you know what you want and where you want to be but are just stalled. Using the collective energy of this group my thoughts have become my reality. Having others around who are consciously creating held the space for me to see my own limitless potential
Thank you to each of you and to piper for being our guide in this.

So much love, Ashley


Being a part of a group has given me extra insight into my own experiences, struggles, and challenges as I begin to transform my life. I am able to relate to others as they speak their truth…I am able to find my own truth as they speak of their own transformations…I discovered in no uncertain terms that I am finished living an angry, resentment-filled life…I have been given hope, happiness, excitement, and the tools I need to manifest what I truly desire for myself. I will no longer accept negativity to creep into my life and I am so grateful to Piper and the AMAZING women who have inspired me to want a better life! Yay for us!


There’s something magic about exploding the deep and perhaps shame ridden illusion of being alone. That’s what happens in group. You connect with people’s realness which invariably requires your realness, and through that shared authenticity there is intimacy and trust… Its provocative to engage in this level of conversation. It’s amazing that there is an immediate community based on your highest self instead of all the other roles you play in life. That’s the kicker.


Before I started the creation project I was in a very dark place and felt like I was navigating turbulent waters without a compass. Thanks to all of the support and guidance I received I can now say that I have found my path and reignited my passion for life. I know wholeheartedly that this would not have been possible without Piper and everyone involved in this group who encouraged me to follow my dreams and to believe that I have the right to live the life I was meant to live. To anyone that is considering taking part in this amazing journey I say, Jump In!
Love, Surfer Girl.


Words can’t express my feelings about being in this group. The universe has brought together the right people at the right time for all the right reasons, to uncover and “recover” what has been waiting just beneath the surface to come forth, a sense of connectedness, mindfulness and peace, that we are all in this world together for a reason…and Piper made that possible. And cheers to all my new friends sharing in this cosmic adventure 😉